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Learn Online PLR Marketing

I want first to define the word "PLR". PLR refers to "Private Label Rights" and this phrase means that you have the complete rights to use those PLR products as you want. You can sell them as you want, you can rewrite them as you want and you can rename them as you want. You even can add you name as the author of any of those products.



I like to use those PLR products to market my own products. Say that you have a product and you want to increase the sells, PLR articles can really help you to increase your sells as well as the profits. Something like submitting the PLR articles to article directories to send very targeted traffic to your sells page, something like give a PLR Ebook as a bonus with your own product, and something like giving one of those PLR Ebooks away to collect Emails for to build a good mailing list.

PLR products can be one of the following types:

1- PLR Articles: Those articles can be used in many ways; first you can rewrite them and submit them to free article directories to send targeted traffic to your site. You can resell them for good money and you can give them away as a gift or a bonus with your other products. You can even rewrite them to create a new website or a blog.

2- PLR Ebooks: Similar to PLR articles, you can use PLR Ebooks to make some good marketing for your own product. As mentioned before, you can give one PLR Ebook as a gift with your own product; you can also give it away to collect Emails. And of course, you can resell it for some good profits. And for affiliate marketing, you can use PLR Ebook to add you own affiliate link and submit it for Ebook directories to publish it online and send some good traffic for great commissions.

3- PLR Software: This one is the best PLR products type, there are many software creators that sell their software with Private Label Rights, this means when you buy one of those software, you can use the same landing page and sell it and keep the %100 of its price. But you need to have your own hosting. I like this one and I'm sure that buying software with Private Label rights is the easiest way to make money doing PLR marketing.

How to market PLR products:

If you're planning to sell those PLR products, you can use one of these techniques. 1- You can use PPC programs. 2- You can create an original landing page with some web pages to create a new website then you can send traffic by PPC and article marketing. 3- You can use free classifieds and forum posting. But if you're planning to use those PLR products to market your own product, there is only one good method by giving those PLR products for free as bonus with your product. Or for free to collect Emails for a good targeted mailing list.

Where I can find PLR products?

There are many free PLR services that can offer hundreds of PLR products for free. But as you know, free services are not always the best services. If you want some unique and valuable PLR products, I'd recommend joining a paid service to receive only the best PLR products directly to you member area.