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Freelance Writing Jobs Online

There are many freelance writing jobs online available for various types of writers. Since the job market has become global and grown increasingly competitive, it is helpful to know where to search for these opportunities, and where to avoid. Some professionals writers have recommended insightful guidelines that can assist new as well as established writers.



In general, avoid the websites which require writers to bid against each other. The majority of these writers spend more time drafting and submitting their bids than they do writing for hire. No money is earned for time-consuming submissions of proposals. Unfortunately, a majority of the bids are not even seen. On these crowded, competitive sites, the bidders who have the best chances of winning are those who have upgraded their profiles to premium levels. This requires writers to pay annual fees to the websites.

Another disadvantage to the bidding process is the fact that many people are willing to work for extremely low pay. That means a writer is very likely to get under-bid by another who is willing to work for much less money. It is not uncommon for employers on these sites to pay a penny or less per word.

The contracts on the bidding-based websites tend to become more lengthy than expected. Employers frequently request longer articles than they originally did, and require multiple revisions of submissions. Even though the scope of a job will likely change, there is no extra pay.

The more ideal path to discovering valid employment is to search hiring boards which have multiple posts. On these sites, the employers generally list their jobs and writers can apply for specific gigs. Usually, a cover letter, resume, and article samples should be submitted to potential employers.

When applying for freelance writing jobs online, there are a few important issues to remember. Make sure cover letters are well-written. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Avoid abbreviations and make sure sentences are intelligible and relevant.