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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

From my opinion, Email marketing would be enough for your online business to get all profits you want. Targeted Email marketing can give you a residual income directly to you bank account. All you need is to build an Email list for people who may be interested in products you're promoting.

Say that you're promoting golf products, by creating a small free course and offering it for free, you can build a huge golf targeted Email list in tow or three months. Then you can regularly send them tips, cheap offers, and of course your own products or products you're promoting for affiliate commission. Email marketing is a perfect solution for affiliate marketing.

But how I can collect Emails by offering such free courses? Now I want to talk about the squeeze page. What is squeeze page? Simply, squeeze page is a very small page included a header to call the visitor and an Email form to collect Emails. The call of action would be something like this "Gets your free step by step course to improve your golf game in five minutes for FREE". Then let them add their Emails to receive the free report. That is it.

By this way, you can easily collect hundreds of very high targeted Emails every day. But wait, you should advertise this free offer to reach the market. Through the following steps, I'll show you how to make a very successful campaign to get hundreds of Emails to your list every single day.

1- PPC Advertising: It is the easiest way to collect hundreds of Emails every day, just for 5 cents per click; you'll get more than 200 clicks for every $10. With a good squeeze page, at least 180 visitors will add her/his Email to get the free course. And with only $20, you can collect more than 350 Email per day.

Why PPC is good for Email collecting? First, you're offering a free course otherwise the other advertisers who usually promote some expensive courses. So, you are alone in the market of free golf, this means with only 5 cents per click "it's the minimum cost per click in Google Adwords and other pay per click advertising programs" you can get a visit, and with your free offer you'll easily get an Email to your mailing list.

2- Free Article Submitting: Sites like EzineArticles.com would be perfect to advertise your free offer and collect Emails, again your strong point that will get the reader to visit your squeeze page and let his/here Email is the free offer you're giving to them.

3- Forums: Very good places to contact other interested people who will be more than willing to get your free course and leave their Emails.

4- Free Classifieds: Sites like usfreeads.com will be very good for those types of advertising; with only a small free ad you can get hundreds of views and hundreds of Email subscribers.

What should I do with my list?

Now after collecting some thousands of targeted Emails, you can now start promoting your products, you can send them regularly your tips included a link to your own or your affiliate product. Give them some discount offers, give them some reviews and give them some other free offers. Don't promote paid things with every message you send; just send them some free offers, tips and another one with your paid product.
How to build a squeeze page

I'd recommend join this site where you can build your own costume squeeze page in seconds, you can host it within your website or just buy a separated domain for it.

How to build an Email form and autoresponder

Don't worry about this issue, there are very good service that cam manage your mailing list to send them messages automatically. I'd suggest taking a look at this site to learn more.

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