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In the virtual and non-virtual world, employers will often ask to see work-experience resume for both writing and editing positions. If you are looking for online editing jobs, it is a good idea to put together a complete portfolio that details all your past experiences as an editor. Unless your goal is to work with only one company, your resume should reflect your strengths and experiences in the relevant field.

Many companies need editors to edit their books, articles, e-books and other printed materials before they are published. Similarly, website owners need experienced editors to look out for spelling and grammatical errors in the texts so that their prospective readers do not complain about the quality of the published content.

Freelance editors must have proven expertise in their niche market. You may be required to edit manuscripts or articles. The most important part of this job is keeping to a deadline. No company will accept overdue work so it is worth bearing in mind that your dedication to this type of work will result in even more clients.
There are many Web publications, academic sites as well as article writing companies that require the services of editors. As there is no end to the amount of content that is published on the internet, there is always a demand for proofreaders and editors. After all, no one wants to read text on a website that contains spelling or grammatical mistakes. It will make the company look unprofessional and readers are not likely to recommend the service provider.

In order to find online editing jobs, you may refer to freelancing sites that allow you to include your work experience in the profile section of the page. You can also bid on jobs that are sent to your inbox. Although this type of job is not as commonly available as a writing position, the rate of pay may be higher depending on the company you work for.
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