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Are you ready for the nice and free Facebook layouts for your Facebook account. Many people use Facebook every day, and the phenomenon is growing by leaps and bounds. There are many interesting benefits of using new Facebook layouts and backgrounds. Here are a few to consider:

1- Customization: Most people are becoming tired of the same look of their home page. Now you can change the way that it looks and feels to others. It is an excellent way to express yourself. You are different from everyone else, and you should be able to customize your Facebook home page, to fit your personality. Many friends will be stopping by and this can be a good way to impress them.

2- Meeting New People: Social network sites are about meeting new people. When you can customize your social network page, you may attract the right people into your life. Perhaps you have not yet found that special person. This may be a good way to show the world that you are different.

Many people realize the value of social network marketing. When you customize your page by adding these free Facebook layouts, it is like having your own website. If your business is serious, you can tone it down for potential customers. If your business is a little on the wild side, then you can let it all out on your page.

3- Business: This may be a good way to add fans to your business page. It can be a way to get a step up on your competition. Some businesses use social networks to make some very successful promotions, and you can too. Try to leave that traditional and boring shape of your Facebook, color it and feel the difference.

Summary: You may find many benefits of using new Facebook layouts and backgrounds. You might wish to customize your social network page to impress your friends. More importantly, you may wish to impress potential friends. Social networks are for meeting new people and when you customize, you increase those odds. You may also find it very good for business promotions. Your page can stand apart from the others. This is a good way to get noticed and improve business.

Everyone who uses Facebook will be so happy if he/she can add some colors to their Facebook pages. Fortunately, there are some good designers out there that can help you adding this new spirit to your Facebook. Try to add the background that reflect your interests. If you like or do sport, add sport backgrounds. If you like a certain movies or a certain actor/actress, just add a photo background of these persons in your Facebook pages.

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